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Long-term Disability (LTD) Plan

The Long-Term Disability Plan will provide you with 60 percent of your income if you are totally disabled and qualify for benefits. Total disability is the inability to perform one or more essential duties of your regular occupation and if you have a 20 percent or more loss in your monthly earnings.

The Hartford Long-term Disability (LTD) Plan

After 24 months of payments, you are disabled when The Hartford determines that you are unable to perform the duties of any gainful occupation for which you are reasonably fitted by education, training or experience and has an earnings potential which exceeds the lesser of 60% of your indexed pre-disability earnings or the maximum monthly benefit.

LTD Levels of Coverage

You can choose the level of coverage that best suits your needs. They are as follows:

Level 1: 60 percent of monthly earnings, not to exceed a maximum monthly benefit of $1,800

Level 2: 60 percent of monthly earnings, not to exceed a maximum monthly benefit of $3,000

Level 3: 60 percent of monthly earnings, not to exceed a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000

Level 4: 60 percent of monthly earnings, not to exceed a maximum monthly benefit of $7,500

Benefits are reduced by any benefits received from other sources. A person currently disabled will not be eligible to increase their benefit.

Age at Disability

Maximum Benefit Period

Less than age 62 to age 67
62 60 months
63 48 months
64 42 months
65 36 months
66 30 months
67 24 months
68 18 months
69 and over 12 months

Select Your Level of Coverage

You should consider your annual salary when selecting a level of coverage to provide you and your family the most protection.

  • If your annual salary is less than $36,000, you should select Level 1 Coverage.
  • If your annual salary is $36,000 – $60,000, you should select Level 2 Coverage.
  • If your annual salary is $60,000 – $100,000, you should select Level 3 Coverage.
  • If your annual salary is greater than $100,000, you should select Level 4 Coverage.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services

Just one phone call gives employees and their families 24-hour access to a network of emergency medical and legal resources any time they travel more than 100 miles from home.

The Hartford’s Travel Assistance Program is provided by Europ Assistance, USA and part of the world’s leading assistance network.

The program provides three kinds of services for your business or vacation travel – Pre Trip Information, Emergency Medical Assistance, and Emergency Personal Services subject to terms and conditions of the policy. Of course, all our travel services are simple to take advantage of from start to finish.

Pre Trip Planning includes:

  • Visa, Passport, inoculation and Immunization Requirements
  • International “Hot Spots”
  • Travel Advisories
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Embassy and Consular Referrals

Emergency Medical Assistance includes:

  • Medical Referrals, Medical Monitoring, and Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation
  • Traveling Companion and Dependent Children Assistance
  • Emergency Medical Payments
  • Return of Mortal Remains

Emergency Personal Services includes:

  • Sending and Receiving Emergency Messages
  • Emergency Travel Arrangements
  • Emergency Cash
  • Locating Lost Items
  • Legal Assistance
  • Bail Advancement
  • Translation
  • Replacement of Medication and Eyeglasses

This information is not intended to be a complete description of the insurance coverage available. The policy or its provisions may vary or be unavailable in some states. The policy has exclusions and limitations that affect any benefits payable. For complete details of coverage and availability, please contact The Hartford at 1.305.995.4889.

Benefit Eligibility

  • All M-DCPS Full-Time and Part-Time employees are eligible to enroll in the Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan offered by the School Board.
  • Part-Time employees are only eligible for Level 1.
  • Retirees and COBRA Participants are ineligible for Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan enrollment.

Tools and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Coverage guaranteed during this 2019 Open Enrollment?

No. If you chose not to enroll previously in a Long Term Disability plan, you must now complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form before you are considered for coverage. However, if you are newly eligible for a disability level as a result of a change to your benefits salary, you may be eligible to enroll without submitting EOI.

Am I eligible for benefits under this plan if I am absent from work on the plan effective date?

No. If you are absent from work due to injury, sickness, temporary layoff or leave of absence, your coverage will begin on the date you return to active employment for one full day.

What is the minimum benefit?

The minimum monthly benefit is $100, or 10 percent of your gross disability benefit, whichever is greater.

How long must I be totally disabled before I receive benefits?

There is a 180 elimination period (benefit waiting period), during which time you must be continuously disabled and for which no benefit is payable. The elimination period begins on the first day of disability. You can satisfy your elimination period if you are working, as long as you meet the definition of disability. Your disability may be treated as continuous as long as you do not return to work for more than 29 days during the elimination period.

When are benefits payable?

If you meet the definition of disability as defined in the policy and your LTD claim is approved, benefits are payable after your satisfy a benefit waiting period of 180 days or the expiration of accrued sick leave, whichever is greater.

How long are benefits payable?

If you are disabled prior to age 62, benefits are payable for as long as you remain disabled under the policy until you reach age 67. If you are disabled at age 62 or after, benefits will be paid according to a decreasing maximum benefit period as indicated in the Description of Benefits.

Is coverage guaranteed during this enrollment?

New Hires: You have the opportunity to enroll in Long Term Disability during this enrollment period without submitting Evidence of Insurability (EOI). If you are currently eligible for coverage, but choose not to enroll during this enrollment, future enrollments will require that you complete EOI and your coverage will not be guaranteed.

Current Employees: No. If you chose not to enroll previously in a Long-term Disability plan, you must now complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form before you are considered for coverage. However, if you are newly eligible for a disability level as a result of a change to your benefits salary, you may be eligible to enroll without submitting EOI.

For any questions, you may call a representative at 1.305.995.4889.

Must I pay my premiums if my disability prevents me from working?

Your LTD premium payments are waived when you begin receiving LTD benefit checks. Premiums for all levels of LTD coverage are 100 percent employee paid.

What benefits are included in Long-Term Disability?

If you become disabled, the following benefits can help until you get back to full-time work.

Work Incentive Benefit – This benefit offers an effective incentive if you are disabled and return to work. You may receive your full disability benefit during the first 12 months after returning, as long as your benefit and earnings are not more than 100 percent of pre-disability earnings.

Rehabilitation and Return to Work Assistance – The Hartford vocational rehabilitation experts provide qualified employees with formalized assessment and planning as well as financial support to help you return to productive, independent lifestyles.

Worksite Modification Benefit – The Hartford helps your employer make the worksite accommodations necessary to enable employees to return to work. This benefit reimburses your employer up to the amount equal to the amount of the maximum monthly benefit for worksite modifications for each employee.

Family Care Credit Benefit – When you are disabled and incurring child care expenses for your dependent child(ren) and participating continuously in the Rehabilitation and Return to Work Assistance program, The Hartford will, for the purpose of calculating your benefit, deduct the cost of family care from earnings received from work as part of a program of Rehabilitation, subject to limitations. The reimbursement payment will begin immediately after you start the Rehabilitation and Return to Work Program.

The child must be under 13 years of age or incapable of providing their own care on a daily basis due to their own mental or physical handicap.

What is a recurrent disability?

A recurrent disability is a disability that is related to, or due to the same cause or causes of a prior disability for which a monthly benefit was paid. A recurrent disability will be treated as part of the prior disability and you will not have to complete another elimination period if, after receiving disability benefits under the plan, an employee returns to work on a full-time basis for less than six months and performs all of the duties of the employee’s own occupation. Benefit payments will be subject to the terms of the plan for the prior disability.

Are benefits taxable?

If your premiums are paid on a post-tax basis, disability benefits paid to you will not be taxed. If your premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis, disability benefits paid to you will be taxable.

When should I submit a claim?

Your claim should be submitted within 30 days after the date of your disability begins or as soon as possible. However, The Hartford must receive written proof of your claim no later than 90 days after your elimination period. If this is not possible, proof must be given no later than one year after the time proof is required except in the absence of legal capacity.

How do I submit a claim?

The transition process from Short Term Disability to Long Term Disability claim is automated by our claim system. A claimant questionnaire is sent to the employee that requests information about other income/offset information, past work experience/education and medical providers. We may also obtain additional information from the employer. A separate claim form is not required.

What if I receive benefits from another group disability plan or other source?

Disability benefit payments will be reduced by other income you receive or are eligible to receive due to your disability, such as:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Other employer-based Insurance coverage you may have
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Settlements or judgments for income loss
  • Retirement benefits that your employer fully or partially pays for (such as a pension plan)

Disability benefit payments will not be reduced by certain kinds of other income, such as:

  • Retirement benefits if you were already receiving them before you became disabled
  • Retirement benefits that are funded by your after-tax contributions
  • Retirement benefits that are wholly or partially funded by employer contributions if payments are immediately transferred to another IRS approved plan to fund your future retirement.
  • Your personal savings, investments, IRAs or Keoghs
  • Profit-sharing
  • Most personal disability policies
  • Social Security increases
Is there a survivor benefit?

Yes, if you die after your disability had continued for 180 or more consecutive days; and you were receiving or were entitled to receive payments under the plan, The Hartford will pay your eligible survivor a lump sum benefit equal to three months of your gross disability payment.

Is there a pre-existing condition clause?

Yes. Your insurance limits the benefits you can receive for pre-existing conditions. In general, if you were diagnosed or received care for a condition 90 days before the effective date of your coverage, you will be covered for a disability due to that condition only if your date of disability occurs:

  • After You have been treatment free for your condition for 90 consecutive days while insured; or
  • After You have been insured under this coverage for twelve months, even if you are receiving treatment or care; or
  • You have already satisfied the pre-existing condition requirement of your previous insurer
What insurance company makes this plan available?

The Long-Term Disability benefit is offered through Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. The Hartford is rated “A (Excellent)” (rating effective 2013) by A.M. Best’s Reports, which compares and rates the financial strength and performance of insurance companies.

NOTE: This product description is an overview and does not constitute an insurance certificate or policy. The information provided is intended only to assist in the selection of benefits. Final determination of benefits, exact terms and exclusion of coverage for each benefit plan are contained in certificates of insurance issued by the participating insurance companies. In the event of any difference between the benefit description and the insurance policy, the terms of the insurance policy will apply.


The policy will not cover any disability due to:

  • War or act of war (declared or not)
  • The commission of, or attempt to commit a felony
  • An intentionally self-inflicted injury
  • Any case where your being engaged in an illegal occupation was a contributing cause to your disability
  • A result of doing any work for pay or profit for another employer, or
  • Elective cosmetic surgery

In addition to the above, you must be under the regular care of a physician.

Limitations on Mental Illness

The monthly benefit payments for a disability due to a sickness or injury which is due to mental illness will not exceed 24 months. However, any period of time that you are confined in a hospital or other facility licensed to provide medical care for mental illness, alcoholism and substance abuse does not count toward the 24 months.

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