How to Enroll

Your Enrollment Guide

Step 1

REMINDER! Open Enrollment ends December 11, 2018

Please review the information in this first step. It provides you a summary of changes for the 2019 Benefits year.

Step 2

At the beginning of your enrollment session, you must review and print a copy of your current Benefits Statement for reference during your Open Enrollment session.

To proceed, you must click the “Click here to Continue” button.

Step 3

Review your 2019 Benefits Statement.

This statement will display your benefits for the 2019 plan year. however it will reflect your per pay deductions with your updated Benefit salary as of June 30th. If you wish to make any changes, please continue and click on the “Click here to Continue” button.

Step 4

Review your personal data.
Please review your personal data. If any of your personal data is incorrect, contact Employee Services at 1.305.995.7888.

Click the “Click here to Continue” button to proceed to your enrollment.

Step 5

Update your address.
If you do NOT have changes, click the “Click here to Continue” button to the next step. After reviewing your changes to each section, ALWAYS click the “Save and Back” button.

If your address or phone number is not correct, click on the Pencil to make corrections. You may add an Emergency Contact Address in this section.

Step 6

Update your dependent and/or beneficiary information.
If you DO NOT have changes, click the “Click here to Continue” button to the next step.

If you wish to select coverage for your dependents or list them as a beneficiary on any plan, you must add their information in this section. You may also correct the address for any dependent already listed. Adding a dependent or beneficiary in this section DOES NOT provide them insurance coverage or list them as your beneficiary. This is the list of people you will be able to select from during your enrollment session.

If you need to make any other type of correction, please contact The Office of Risk & Benefits Management at 1.305.995.7129.


To add or change your charity organization, will or trust.
If you DO NOT have changes, click the “Click here to Continue” to the next step.

You may add or change a charity organization or add or change a will or trust designation by clicking on the add box.

If you would like to select a trust, will or charity organization as a beneficiary during your Employee Benefits enrollment process, please add their information in this section.

You do not need to include an address when adding a NATIONAL charity or organization.

Review your selection carefully before you click Save and Back.

Step 7

Enrolling In Your Benefits Plan Coverage
You may select whichever plan type you wish to enroll. The highlighted selections that appear on the screen are your assigned plans for the year and your yearly per pay deductions.

To enroll in a benefit, click the Change button.

If you select to enroll in the following plans, you will be prompted to re-enroll in the corresponding plans, Employee only Medical, Dependent Medical, Legal Plan/Senior Legal, Employee Hospital Indemnity/Dependent Hospital Indemnity Plan.

If you wish to have your per pay deduction from your paycheck, on a post-tax basis. Just click the button next to post-tax deductions.

Click Next to continue.

Step 8

If you cover your spouse or domestic partner on your medical plan, you need to respond to the Spousal/Domestic Partner Surcharge Affidavit. Click on the “Change” button next to Dependent Medical. The Dependent Medical selection screen will appear. Click on next and the Affidavit will appear. Answer the question that best describes your spouse’s/domestic partners’ medical coverage status and click Accept.

In order for your response to be recorded, you must continue to click, “Click Here to Continue” to continue to number 10 and scroll down and click on submit.

Step 9

Enroll or Waive Your Dependent’s Coverage
Be sure to review your dependent coverage selections carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: Your plan selection prompted you to take an additional step to verify whether you wish to change or continue with the same coverage for your dependents.
You must click on Enroll and save your decision.

If you do not wish to cover your dependent for the upcoming Plan Year, you must select to WAIVE dependent coverage.

The per pay deduction amount is listed.

Based on your dependent’s benefits eligibility, different levels of dependent coverage will appear highlighted on the screen.

Step 10

Making Changes To Dental Plans
To select a dental plan, click on the Change button next to dental plans.

To select your dental plan for upcoming plan year, click next to the plan you wish to enroll in and level of coverage you want Employee only coverage or Employee + Family coverage.

You must click on Next to proceed.

If you select DeltaCare DHMO Low or High, you will need to select a PDP. Click on the small box next to PDP Name and search for your dentist then click next to their name to populate.

You must click “Click Here to Continue” to proceed and view additional benefits

Step 11


This year as part of your enrollment process you have the ability to review, change or add beneficiaries to your Board paid Basic Life insurance.  It displays under number 7 Insurance Plans.

To update your beneficiaries, click on change next to Basic Life.  Enter the percentages next to your beneficiaries and click next.

If you are purchasing life insurance for your spouse or child(ren) it will display below Basic Life.  You(the employee) are automatically the beneficiary for those plans.  To proceed click on “Click here to Continue” above.



 You have the ability to review, change or add beneficiary(s) for any accrued/earned leave (annual/vacation and/or sick leave), which may be payable upon your death.  If you do not designate beneficiaries, it will be paid to your estate.  To update your beneficiares, click on change next to Beneficiary S?V.  Enter the percentages next to your beneficiaries and click next.


Step 12

Making Changes

Click on the “Click here to Continue” on number 9 Miscellaneous Plan to review and submit your enrollment.  To submit scroll down as you review and click on the submit button.

Step 13

Employee Benefits Confirmation Statement
Click to print a copy of your Employee Confirmation Statement by clicking on Print Benefits Confirmation Statement.

Congratulations on successfully completing your enrollment
When you see this message, it confirms that your submissions have been received.

If you need to make changes before the enrollment deadline date, please return to Click and Make Changes and you will automatically be redirected to the selection screen.

Enrolling Online


This section will provide you with a list of all information and documentation needed to successfully complete an enrollment.

Employee Portal

This section will provide you with information regarding: taxation of your Board-paid benefits, medical opt-out, returning to work after leave, viewing your benefits in SAP and updating your beneficiaries.

Before You Enroll

This section will provide you with enrollment assistance information  and computer settings to print your confirmation statement once you’ve completed your enrollment.

How to Enroll

This section will provide you with step by step instructions on how to enroll in your employee benefits.

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